During the project, we make sure to leave the work site always organized & accessible. Having a clean job site has an impact on everyones’ safety. Leaving debris scattered around is tremendous threat to anyone in the immediate area: That is why we make sure that materials, tools, any work related items would be stored properly in the corner and/ or out of the pathways.

Having a clean site also helps us increase our productivity. We take each clients schedule very seriously, and would strive to achieve to deliver the work in a very timely manner.




Covid 19 Safety Measures
Committed to public health

Identify a project coordinator who will be responsible for COVID-19 issues and any potential impact at our site.

Examine policies for leave, telework, and employee compensation.

Leave policies should be flexible and non-punitive, and allow sick workers to stay home and away from co- workers. Leave policies should also account for workers who need to stay home with their children if there are school or childcare closures, or to care for sick family members.
When possible, use flexible worksites (e.g., telework) and flexible work hours (e.g., staggered shifts) to help establish policies and practices for social distancing (maintaining distance of approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) between employees and others, especially if social distancing is recommended by state and local health authorities.

Prepare business continuity plans for significant absenteeism, supply chain disruptions, or changes in the way you need to conduct business.

Establish an emergency communications plan. Identify key contacts (with back-ups), chain of communications (including suppliers and customers), and processes for tracking and communicating about business and employee status.

Share your response plans with clients and clearly communicate expectations. It is important to let our clients know our plans and expectations if COVID-19 occurs in communities where our project is located.

Please refer to our Covid Safety plan by VMS Building & Restoration Company.




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